LenderBlocks Marketplace SERVES EVERY ASPECT OF THE MORTGAGE Sale Process


Step-by-step from Closing to Settlement

The loan is originated

Whether pre-close or post-close, the loan can be listed anonymously on Lenderblocks Marketplace. 
•More buyers
•More buyers= More bids = Best price
•More liquidity for non-Agency loans
•Revise/expand underwriting guidelines based on buyer appetite


Loan Investors bid anonymously on individual loans and pools of loans.  Lenderblocks Marketplace can link to your pricing engine or you can bid manually.


Loans close and Lenderblocks’ Settlement Coordination helps the buyers and sellers help ensure that all parties are properly taken care of from Warehouse lenders to MERS to trailing documents.  We assist in the shipping and receiving process as a free concierge service to our valued clients.

Outsourcing partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading Due Diligence/TPR and analytics firms to help buyers and sellers know with insight the qualities of every loan.